The new look Uniting Online is now available. Please login as usual. For further information please visit our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab


How do I know that I have got the right access page for Uniting Online?

The new login page can still be accessed via our website or directly by going to

What will my new User ID and passcode be?

There will be no new login or passcode. The same sign-on details will get you into the new environment. You will notice if you need to change your passcode in future that you are now required to include a character (!@#$%&). This provides another layer of security to our system in keeping with financial services “best practice”

I have forgotten my passcode. What can I do?

If you know your User ID, contact us on 1300 133 673 and we may be able to help you on the spot if you pass our identification process. Otherwise you can complete the application form available from our website at:

Some of my Billers and Payees favourites are no longer available?

Billers and payees are now known as “Contacts”. Some contacts are no longer valid or have not been used for some time, so these have not been migrated to the new system. You can recreate any contact by going to the “Manage” tab. We recommend you regularly review your contacts and delete those that are no longer required. Long lists of contacts may slow down your selection process.

What will happen to all my e-statements that were available on the old system?

All e-statements will be migrated across so you will be able to see them all.

What are batch payment files?

Batch payments are ideal for organisations that make regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments to the same bank account but perhaps only the amount differs. It is useful for regular wage payments etc. All you need to do is alter the amounts, load the batch payment into the system and authorise it in the usual manner. You can also make batch payments by uploading an ABA format file.

What is the difference between the figures noted under the column Balance and the Available column?

Balance – is the actual balance of your facility or investment. The available balance is the amount available to you taking into account uncleared cheque and direct debits.

I cannot access uniting online with the User ID and passcode I received from U.F.S. what can I do?

When you receive a new User ID and passcode, for security reasons the passcode is only valid for 30 days. After 30 days the passcode expires and you will need to reapply.

I am having difficulties downloading transactions?

This can be due to your “pop up” settings on your computer. You may need to enable “pop ups”. The way you do this can vary depending on the browser you use. Google “unblock poppers” and you should be able to navigate through your system to remedy this. If not contact one of our team on 1300 133 673.

I need to search for a particular transaction. How can I do this?

Go to the transaction tab and select the facility you would like to search. Select the spyglass icon  You will see there are a number of ways to search for a transaction.


For church organisations, how long do we have to approve a transaction?

This depends on the option you select when making a payment. If you select “now” the payment will go in the next file following all parties authorising the payment. If it is not fully authorised it will expire after 14 days. If you choose a “specified date” then you have until midnight the day before the payment is due or 14 days (Whichever comes first) to fully authorise the payment.

Is there a cut-off time for transactions?

UFS processes 3 outward files each day. 11am 3pm and our last file is automatically transmitted to Westpac at 4.45pm each weekday. To ensure overnight transmission you need to have ensured your payments have been fully authorised prior to 4.40pm at the latest.


My online limit is only $5k and I need to do transactions for larger amount. What can I do?

$5k is the default limit. If you require a higher limit then you can request an increase in your limit by application. Having large online limits can increase your liability so for security reasons it is best to keep your limits to a minimum where possible.


Our bookkeeper does not have online access. Can I just give them my User ID and passcode?

Your User ID and passcode is your digital signature. It should never be shared with anyone. Sharing User ID’s and passcodes increase your chances of being defrauded. UFS will never ask you for your passcode, you should protect it as you would your purse or wallet.


For some reason I cannot initiate a payment. What can I do?

It might be because of your access level. For church organisations
There are 4 levels of access:
View Only – You can only view information
Initiator – You can only create payments
Authoriser Only – you can authorise only
Initiator/Authoriser – You can initiate a payment and be the first
authoriser in one step.


I had heard that UFS was going to do direct feeds to Xero. Is this correct?

This is not entirely correct. Direct feeds are a completely different process to downloading transactions. In this upgrade we have improved the process of downloading transaction information more in line with Xero packages. To do direct feeds requires a  whole of Synod approach so that we can achieve the most cost effective outcome.

I need to export my transactions to my accounting software package. I note there are a few options in the format drop down box. Which one do I select?

There are three options for downloading transactions:
CSV – This produces transactions in an excel spreadsheet format
PDF – This will produce a PDF copy of a transaction listing
QIF – This format should be able to be used with MYOB and Xero

When I transfer money, what is the difference between the “now” and “Later” buttons?

Also Refer question 9 – Note- if you select a date for the payment that is not a business day then the payment while being deducted from your account will not leave UFS until the next working day. E.g. If you make the payment date to be a Saturday to an external bank, the payment will not be received to the recipients account until Tuesday. Processed Saturday, transmitted Monday received by the other financial institution Tuesday morning.

I am trying to make a BPay payment but I get a message that the CRN is not right. What does this mean?

Please refer to your bill and make sure the number you have entered is correct. Sometimes the reference code changes. If you still have difficulties, please contact us on 1300 133 673

What are “Scheduled” Transactions?

Scheduled transactions are those transactions you have set up to occur sometime in the future. It can be a one-off transaction or a  recurring transaction set up to be paid daily, weekly monthly etc. You can create a scheduled transaction for either a regular transfer or a BPay payment. These can be altered deleted or changed through the Scheduled tab in the Transfer and Pay tab. Please contact 1300 133 673 for further assistance if required.

How do I authorise a transaction?

Go to the “Authorisation” section under Transfer and Pay tab. From there you can View   , Approve    or reject     a transaction if you are authorised to do so.

I cannot always see my e-statements when I log into Uniting Online. Why would be the reason for that?

e-statements are PDF copies of paper statements so you will only ever see a statement if it has actually been issued. Statements are issued either monthly quarterly or half yearly depending on the investment/facility type.

How can I be sure that Uniting Online is safe?

Uniting Online is an industry standard encrypted platform. One of the reasons we recently upgraded is to move to an even more secure environment despite having never had the platform breached. It is important that while our system is safe that you also follow safe practice by not sharing User ID’s and passcodes and only accessing Uniting Online from a known secure computer. Never save your passcode to any password saving system such a Google and always logout completely when you have finished a session.

UFS does not provide a description for me to be able to recognise a payment?

Uniting Financial Services like all banking online platforms reproduces any description provided by the remitter. Unfortunately, if there is no description nothing will appear. We recommend that you encourage your remitters to quote some sort of reference number such as an invoice number, that will enable you to identify the payment

My new payee is not saving to my “Contacts”

This could be because a new contact will only be saved when all authorisations have taken place. This will avoid incorrect information being saved. You can however set up new payees in “Contacts” first before creating the transaction.

How do I open an investment with Uniting Financial Services?

You can open an investment with Uniting Financial Services by downloading an application form. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly Service Team on 1300 133 673 and request an application form.

How do I send my new investment application form to Uniting Financial Services?
What is the difference between Current Balance and Available Balance?

Current Balance is the balance of your investment as at the nominated date including any uncleared funds. Available Balance is the balance of your investment available for immediate withdrawal as at the nominated date. All cheques and electronic transfers to or from external funds take three business days to process and clear.

How do I add money to my At Call Investment with Uniting Financial Services?


How do I withdraw money from my At Call Investments?
  • Use a withdrawal slip to request electronic transfer of funds or issuance of a cheque.
  • Via Uniting Online, including BPAY® electronic payment service. Please note that daily limits apply.
  • Via Uniting by Phone. Please note that daily limits apply.
  • By establishing a Periodic Payment Request for regular payments.
  • By establishing a Direct Debit Request from an At Call Investment to pay bills such as credit cards. Please contact the biller directly to arrange this facility.

If you need any assistance, please contact us and we will gladly help.

Can I make a withdrawal from my Fixed Term Investment?

Yes. But given this investment is for a fixed term, rate and amount, an early redemption adjustment may be applied. Please refer to the Product Information Brochure  for more information.

I have forgotten my password for Uniting Online and/or Uniting by Phone. How do I get a new one?

Contact us or simply download an Application for Access to Uniting Online / Uniting by Phone  and complete the applicable sections for reissuance of an access code. The completed form can be mailed, faxed or delivered directly to our office. Upon receipt, a new password will be issued and mailed to your postal address.

Will I be charged any fees?

We do not charge transaction or maintenance fees on any of our products or services. Details of other associated fees are contained in our Fee Schedule.

How can I get regular updates from Uniting Financial Services?

Uniting Financial Services provides investors with market and service updates twice a year through our regular e-newsletter (a sign-up form is in the right column of this page). You can also find regular updates on this website.

How can I protect myself from internet and email scams?

You should be aware that people have become victims of identity theft when they responded to bogus emails and telephone calls.  Please note that no one from Uniting Financial Services will ever contact you by email or telephone to request your Uniting Online or Uniting by Phone Access Code(s). The safety and security of your investment with us is our highest priority.

NEVER provide your investment or login details in response to an email or telephone call you receive from someone purporting to represent Uniting Financial Services.  Should you receive a call from someone purporting to be from Uniting Financial Services requesting your Uniting Online or Uniting by Phone Access Codes, please report it to this office immediately by telephone 1300 133 673 or via email to

Always login directly to Uniting Online


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